1. WARNING : Server upgrade imminent Hi all, looks as if I might get some downtime in the next week which could be reasonably purposed to reinstalling and upgrading the TCE server - this will obviously mean some downtime, which I will attempt to minimise, but bear with me.

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That time again, see the Irrelevant Corner for details.
Nominations for this year's GotY are now open over in Game Reviews.


Please make sure to call out your nominations in bold.
We're having outbound email problems...

Basically our email provider has decided to classify everything we send as spam, and bounce it.

This is great, and potentially slightly beyond our control. I'm conducting some experiments, but due to the glorous way things work (tm) this could take a couple of days. You (may) also note that the contact us link has been removed from all pages, as this (may/may not) be part of the problem. In the meantime if you need to contact us, either use facebook or email direct (this will potentially be the solution long term anyway).

In short, I'm on it, but ... well .. damnit. Which one is the off button again?
So, this serves as a timely reminder to update this page a little more often...

We have migrated! Welcome to The Chaos Engine 3.0!

If we were a time-lord, we've only just reached teenage, which I'm sure is fairly apt.

We knew it was time to move when suprise was expressed by various techs that our server hardware was not a rusted lump by now (well, barring the old hard drive of course ...)

Please feel free to discuss changes / report bugs in the newly renamed 'Discuss the Forum' forum - constructive criticism only please, otherwise I might get grumpy...

Sincere apologies for the delay, the timing couldn't have been less stellar to be honest...

I've checked over the data and it all *seems* fine, please let me know if this is wrong.

Awesome thanks of lovelyness to he who shall not be named for help with recovering the data, and to UK2 for their assistance during the hardware failure.

(For those of you who are not aware, we had a hard drive failure which took down our box, and left us in a slightly embarassing position)

I'm now looking at new backup options, please try not to break anything in the meantime...

Just Wow.

Capital double yoo.

Ten years old.
This is a pretty damned awesome occasion. I can't speak for anyone else here, but I honestly can't say it crossed my mind in the slightest that The Chaos Engine would have been still around and still going strong after ten years.

The vast array of wonderful and engaged people in our modest community is still staggering. Yes, people come and go (and come back again and go again), but as long as those that persist and those who join keep returning then I can't think of a reason that we won't be here in another ten years.

Since this delightful aspect of longevity has only really just hit me recently, I would really now like to see us still going in ten years.

We have arranged a London Gathering to celebrate.
We will arrange Skype calls from those who cannot attend in person.
Drop me a line and we'll sort that.
TCE Gathering Info

You are a wonderful person and you are part of an amazing community. Being in a community, at least one this size, is like being in a relationship with 1500 other people. A family of like- and unlike-minded people. Yes, we're going to have rifts and such, but it doesn't stop us being a collection of interesting and unique persons. For the most part it adds to it. I'm proud of what we have done here even if it's as simple and straight-forward as share information and get to know each other. Anything we've done over and above that - and there are examples - is gravy.

I'm stoked to be a part of your lives, albeit mostly e-lives.
I'm pretty sure I've touched you in some small way.
And you've touched me.

From myself, Photon and Tricky and Hoawan and MickWest and everyone else who keeps this crazy train afloat, THANK YOU!

Thank you for sticking with us and each other.
Here's to ten more years, eh?

Nine years. Nine long years.
Arguments, nonsense, banning various people, awesome discussions and some lovely and positive moments along the way...

Here's to nine more years...