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Nominate as many games as you like, for as many categories as you like.

Actual voting will open in January, honest. I mean it this time.
Is nearly upon us, so head on over to Irrelevant Corner and get nominating your favourite people for the following awards...

Tay Bridge Memorial Thread Derailment Award - Thread Derailment Award
So Long and Thanks for all the Fish - Epic Leaving Post
Signal to Noise Ratio - Most Useful Poster
And then Milk Came Out my Nose - Funniest Poster
Hi there, my name is... - Newcomer Award (self-nomination acceptable)
My Job Sucks More Than Your Job - Best 'Worst Job' Rant
Thanks And Groans - Attention Whore (Good or Bad)
Best Poster of the Year - Sponsored by Going-Grey
Hi guys,

Yes, TCE was down and out for a day or so.
The server type people did not inform Photon that this was going to happen.

We're out of cash.
It sucks. Please dig deep if you can donate or if you can't then pray to whatever God / Goddess you subscribe to...

There's a DONATE button in Green on the top there for PAYPAL.
For the TCE bank account details please contact me and I will let you know.


The Chaos Engine
5 Years Old tomorrow!
Huzzah! It's not quite the olympics, but it'll have to do!

What did you get us?
A donation? Hmmm... hmmm?
Seems to be a few miscreants posting up spam and rubbish links on the public forums. I know some of you are already reporting these and we're responding as fast as we can to delete their posts. So thank you very much for doing this. You keep reporting them and we'll keep deleting them!

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance...

Don't forget, it's only a few months until the TCE Born Day is upon us once again. Not that we ever really do anything about it, but this year I think we should. It will be a cleansing, cathartic experience.

The recent kerfuffle in Irrelevant Corner has resulted in a ban for one of the users concerned and another member has quite publicly stated their intention to leave the boards. Amongst other things, it is quite clear that this could affect the reputation - if such a thing should exist - of The Chaos Engine as a decent and largely civil place for games developers to congregate.

There are two things to remember here for future reference.
  • The Admin and the Mods won't step in until people start requesting it directly. We don't get paid, we have our own lives to lead and our own jobs to do. If you want us to do something, please ask.
  • Watch what you're saying and watch who you're saying it to... Just because you think something is acceptable, it doesn't mean someone else does. And visa versa. And here's a tip for those of you who lack common sense: It is acceptable to agree to disagree and walk away. Your opinion is just that, it doesn't mean you're right.
This is a good website and there are a lot of excellent people here talking about games, talking about random crap and everything inbetween. Let's not regress to a Fatbabies state, shall we?

If you have any questions or comments about this, please PM me.


We havent forgotten you...

Unfortunately its more I than we. Its pretty much entirely down to me, and trust me it can take time to process requests. Lots of it.

Unfortunately I am not paid to do this job, nor do I really have loads of time spare for it, but I do my best, and recently both my work life and home life have beggered belief (by recently I mean the last year or so :deadcrab:)

I am hoping to make some time this weekend to process some, and then take it from there, a little at a time.

In the meantime, if you know someone who is a member, you can speed up the process by getting them to vouch for you - get them to drop me a PM, and that will effectively queue jump you (of course if I get thousands of vouches, then I'm similarly stuck, but they are faster to process). Otherwise, hang in there, I will get to you, it just takes time.

Thankyou for your patience.