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Sorry for the delay with applications to join the private areas.
We will be dealing with it as soon as we can.

Apologies again.
Look at the cute dog - how can you hate us when we post pictures of dogs that look sad like that?

While there is no official anti-Thank for the forums, please feel free to use this lovely picture here (above). This *SLAP* is an appropriate response to some one who done you wrong!



TCE Admin Team
We're still ironing out the bugs, but things should be improving for everyone. Issues that have been brought up this week:
  1. No one likes the default skin
  2. Log-outs playing in the arcade
  3. PM's going to forums
  4. Massive logo
  5. Slow performance
  6. Front page log-in problems
  7. No spell-checker
And here are the resolutions so far:
  1. We bought two skins with the last of the donation money, "Aria" & "Iskin Black". We'll be installing them this week, so please hold on. Both of them display the header information at the left side instead of the top, and make things look much more like phpBB2
  2. Open issue; not sure what we can do about this but we're working on it
  3. Ok, this is Brian's fault because he's a big fat slug head. If you look at the bottom of the PM box where you enter the text there's a "save" or "send" button, (can't remember which), and that's what you press to send the PM. If you scroll further down the page you'll see options that affect the last forum/thread you were in. You can in fact post your text to the last thread you were looking at in some situations so make sure you press the right button.
  4. Fixed.
  5. Fixed.
  6. Fixed.
  7. I have a spell checker to install; I'll try and get that done this weekend.
Please reply here for any other issues with the new forum and I'll report on our progress every few days to the front page.
Sorry I'm late to the party...

It has come to my attention that if you visited the test site, you may have problems logging in (it will tell you you dont have access)

There are two solutions for this. Either clear your cookies, or log in, (get told you dont have access), log out and log in again, and everything should be well.

Thanking you!
We are busy updating all of the relevant documention, but from here on in, the email address for applying for private membership is gatekeeper (at) thechaosengine (dot) com.

Mails to webmaster will be forwarded for the time being (webmaster will still be used for contact and admin purposes) but if the message is not got after a while you risk getting the piss ripped out of you.

That is all!
Happy Born Again Day!!!!

Yes, we are back, you can now exhale. Its been a massively busy weekend though, and more than a couple of things went a little wrong. One incident last night involving 700 spam emails, a bottle of baileys, some cheese and a tropical fish was particularly interesting. Thanks to my friend who helped me sort that one out however, or we might not be open now!

Anyway, come on in and make yourself feel at home. As usual please report any bugs in the relevant threads in the usual place.

We do have more skins in progress for those of you whining (I hadnt forgotten), but we ran out of time over the weekend, and I thought you would prefer me to open the site rather than carrying on fixing them. They will arrive over the next week - it may take a small downtime, but hopefully not. In the meantime you will just have to suffer. Sorry!

Have fun, and remember cheese is for life, not just for christmas.