What's the point in the secrecy and being so restrictive?

Discussion in 'HOW TO JOIN' started by morgolock, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. urgaffel

    urgaffel Industry Legend One Of Us

    How long before he/she storms off compairing us to so much trash in a Shanghai gutter?
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  2. IFW

    IFW Not allowed to say NFTS are shit One Of Us

    ESPECIALLY pictures of cats...
  3. kexik

    kexik Lurker One Of Us

    I understand that they are busy (especially Mr. Gatekeeper) and I like the idea not allowing trolls to get in.
    But I am waiting for about 4 years now and no reply. :(

    I am the guy who developed Plague, Inc. iOS game which is still at ~30th top paid US position.

    How should I know if any gamedev friend is here on TCE to help approve me? To be honest, I don't know many other game devs because I am from the country where game development is not so popular...
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  4. IFW

    IFW Not allowed to say NFTS are shit One Of Us

    Can you prove it? Tax receipts? etc? :D
  5. tricky

    tricky Meat Popsicle Staff Member Administrator

    Perhaps now that you have pretty much told everyone who you are, someone who knows you might vouch for you? Seems like that happened for the OP.
  6. Puppy

    Puppy I make games One Of Us

    One simple way would be to post a coded message in the Ndemic Creations Facebook page (as the page owner). Like something that uses the word "shenanigans".

  7. kexik

    kexik Lurker One Of Us

    Look at the bottom of w w w . ndemiccreations . c o m there is a dot under the red text. It's a link, it has the title kexik @ thechaosengine.com . :p
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  8. Puppy

    Puppy I make games One Of Us

    Well, obviously legit. :)

    I'm not a mod, but hopefully one of them sees this soon.
  9. Mouseshadow

    Mouseshadow Some days even my lucky rocketship pants dont help One Of Us

    Blimey that took me ages to find. There were loads of dots on my display* - but at least it's nice and clean now.

    *No, they were specks of dust. Shesh. Some people and their dirty minds.

    [edit] also not a mod.
  10. Columbo

    Columbo Just one more thing... One Of Us

    Awesome - We should make every new member add cunning Chaos Engine related Easter eggs to their products/company websites!
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  11. IFW

    IFW Not allowed to say NFTS are shit One Of Us

    Lol! Another one who's desperate to find out about bagpiping.
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  12. Dog

    Dog Artisan Cheese One Of Us

    Great. Almost there.

    Now stand on one foot facing East and intone, "Shminky" three times.
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  13. Jaccident

    Jaccident Adminisbator Staff Member Administrator

    Is nobody else more than a little nervous about admitting someone who so blatantly despises the very concept of TCE?
  14. MrCranky

    MrCranky Bitter and Twisted One Of Us

    Well, he didn't blow the place up in the 3 months since he's been let in, so I think it's probably safe. I also think 'despises' is overstating it a little. Unless... You think he's a sleeper agent? Waiting to be activated and then bring DOOM UPON US ALL?


    Sorry. Turned into this guy for a minute:
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  15. Jaccident

    Jaccident Adminisbator Staff Member Administrator

    Isn't the problem that we wouldn't notice even if he was?

    Also he was pretty antagonistic about how this place was run and blatantly doesn't agree with the community tenets.
  16. Dredge

    Dredge Doomsayer One Of Us

    Which consist of:
    Thou shalt 'like' pictures of kittens or puppies

    Thats about it...
  17. Jaccident

    Jaccident Adminisbator Staff Member Administrator

    There was that thing a little while ago, where someone took things they shouldn't have taken, and made it public and tried to make money on it. It was a little thing you might have heard of, called Enron!
  18. sponge

    sponge jaded old cunt One Of Us

    This is why you should not be allowed in. [-(

  19. IFW

    IFW Not allowed to say NFTS are shit One Of Us

    Erm, guys - he was let in..

    He's nominated for best new poster of 2012...

  20. FlameBoy

    FlameBoy Industry God One Of Us

    That's cool and I hope it worked. It reminds me of one of the guys on the Filthy Truth writing "TFT" on the back of a notice board at the end of one of the bridges in a GTA game. Maybe San Andreas, as that would have had the Golden Gate bridge in it.

    Want more of this.