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Where do you work?

  1. United States

  2. Canada

  3. South America

  4. United Kingdom / Ireland

  5. France

  6. Germany

  7. Rest of Western Europe

  8. Eastern Europe / Russia

  9. China

  10. Hong Kong

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  11. Japan

  12. Taiwan

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  13. Singapore

  14. Rest of Far East

  15. Australia

  16. New Zealand / New Guinea

  17. Other, (please specify)

  1. LukeDRideout

    LukeDRideout Lurker Not From Round Here

    Ahoy there, folks. Name's Luke - Designer, former producer, once of the Japanese industry, now in Canada. Pleased to meetcha!
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  2. tricky

    tricky Meat Popsicle Staff Member Administrator

  3. Jaccident

    Jaccident Adminisbator Staff Member Administrator

    Heya, welcome, sorry to say it take a while to get through approvals but please don't despair. If you were recommended to join by an existing member it's worth asking them to vouch for you in a PM to Tricky, Photon or the Prof.
  4. LukeDRideout

    LukeDRideout Lurker Not From Round Here

    Hello there, both Tricky and Jaccident, I appreciate the warm welcome! Reading the "How to join" threads, seems I may well be in for a bit of a wait, but I suppose that's the way of it. I sent out my verification request mail, and I'll look about to see if anyone I know is already here (It's possible there are, just not sure who). Otherwise, I'm patient.
  5. cubusaddendum

    cubusaddendum Coder of sound One Of Us

    Welcome. Also, who's the human male trying photo-bomb you in that picture?
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  6. Nate Boyd

    Nate Boyd Lurker Not From Round Here

    Hola. I'm Nate. Former engineer turned recruiter, with a few stops and companies founded in between. I help startups doing cool stuff find passionate developers and designers. Working with Wevr at the moment, one of the more notable VR startups in Los Angeles.
  7. texturecalls

    texturecalls Lurker Not From Round Here

    Hi! Im a technical artist working in LA.
    Sent my request email out a few weeks back, waiting for a reply.
  8. nrd2001

    nrd2001 Lurker One Of Us

    Hi, I'm Neil a tools programmer/occasional artist from the UK
  9. Thailander

    Thailander Lurker One Of Us

    Newbro poster here:)
  10. Jaccident

    Jaccident Adminisbator Staff Member Administrator

  11. Sladg

    Sladg Lurker Not From Round Here

    Hello, I just signed up, I'm a programmer in an indie company in Canada :)
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  12. Nocturne

    Nocturne Lurker Not From Round Here

    Ummm.... Hello? :)
  13. Dasquian

    Dasquian Industry Legend One Of Us

    Hello! And welcome :)
  14. Jaccident

    Jaccident Adminisbator Staff Member Administrator

    Fuck off ;)
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  15. lewishollow

    lewishollow Lurker One Of Us

    QA Engineer in the US. Hello everyone!
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  16. Avalix

    Avalix Lurker One Of Us

    *Waves* Hello!
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  17. Sabotander

    Sabotander (inactive) One Of Us

    Hello new folk!
  18. Jaccident

    Jaccident Adminisbator Staff Member Administrator

    New isn't really the right word is it? It took him 5 years to post his hello :p
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  19. IFW

    IFW Not allowed to say NFTS are shit One Of Us

    Sorry you arrived so late, it's not nearly so much fun around here any more
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  20. shurkhan

    shurkhan Game and Level Designer One Of Us

    Hi all! The name is Nick and I am a game and level designer from the Netherlands :) You may know me from some of my work done for Age of Wonders III, Karmaflow the Rock-Opera video game or the All of Rio plays google rio games. For everyone else, nice to meet you! Don't be afraid to cont(r)act me.
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