Senior Programmer Central London £50K PA

Discussion in 'I wanna be a Game Programmer' started by Robotkev, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. D020

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    One one hand I'd rather not work for an arsehole, but on the other hand self employment seems tempting at some point in the future...
  2. Paul Sinnett

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    I'd guess that would be "up to 50K" in the same way that my broadband is "up to 24M"
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  3. weasel

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    I know not everyone likes recruiters and I'm not defending anyone, but surely all that happened here is that someone posted info about a job?

    Anyone interested can surely make an enquiry given the information posted and find out about the position for themselves, including whether they want to work with the recruiter?

    I'm only saying this because there probably are people here, our peers who are looking for work at times like this and I think perhaps we do a disservice to those people if perhaps we discourage people (even recruiters) from posting jobs.

    Lets face it, all this chap did is post something in good faith. The response seems a little unwarranted.

    You wouldn't treat a real shark this way, surely?
  4. Mux

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    Properly formatting the ad (and perhaps previewing said formatting) would sure help make it easier to read.

    As far as recruiters go, I think the last time I used one was 25 years ago. I seem to remember said recruiter calling me up a few months later trying to place me AGAIN and netting another % of my salary.

    Actually, I'm curious... What's the going percentage of candidate salaries these days for placements?

  5. Vectorial

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    Thread title got me all excited.

    Then I realised it was a resurrected 5-year-old necro-thread. :(
  6. Arend101

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    Obligatory image:


    So...would that job still get a 50k salary five years later? What's the going rate for such a position in Central London these days?
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  7. Mux

    Mux Industry Superbeing One Of Us

    Probably half that...
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  8. Butcher

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    That's a bit depressing, I thought 50k sounded pretty low as it was. :-&