Getting in: Worth pestering co-workers?

Discussion in 'HOW TO JOIN' started by Bitkari, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Bitkari

    Bitkari Advanced Troll One Of Us


    I'm another stuck in the approvals queue, and in an effort to skip it, I'm wondering if it's worth me asking work friends (there's half a dozen or so guys here who are on TCE iirc) to vouch for me, or is it just the sheer volume of people registering that makes it all take so long?

  2. frobisher

    frobisher Industry Vetran One Of Us

    Absolutely :) Get your mates to vouch for you in PMs to one or more of the mods and you should trip across the line that much quicker.
  3. parm

    parm Just barely adequate One Of Us

    It's even quicker if one of the mods thinks you've got some personal dirt on him.
  4. inpHilltr8r

    inpHilltr8r Will Wright One Of Us

    The situation with the email admissions queue is, umm, ongoing. Currently the fastest, most reliable, way in, is to get an existing member to vouch for you.
  5. dunk

    dunk Industry Professional One Of Us

    s'alright - I'll vouch for muggins up there ;-)
    email sent.
  6. Bitkari

    Bitkari Advanced Troll One Of Us

    Cheers Dunk! ;)
  7. chriso

    chriso Troll One Of Us

    I guess I'll have to get some folks I know to vouch me me then. Thanks for the tip, I'm off to get some knee pads.
  8. inpHilltr8r

    inpHilltr8r Will Wright One Of Us

    PM please, the email queue is part of the problem.
  9. chriso

    chriso Troll One Of Us

    I had someone PM an administrator for me, but am happy for any other pointers on what to do (other than those listed, which I did). In anycase, I will continue to lurk on the fringes until I can start getting into the meat and potatoes of conversations.
  10. inpHilltr8r

    inpHilltr8r Will Wright One Of Us

    It may be the 'an administrator' bit. Right now, they should PM me.
  11. bmannparkour

    bmannparkour Lurker One Of Us

    I here there is punch and pie on the inside... is this true?
  12. MrCranky

    MrCranky Bitter and Twisted One Of Us

    Not quite. There's discussions that get so angry that they would lead to punching, while the rest of us sit around listening to it and eating pie...
  13. Sulphide

    Sulphide Lurker One Of Us

    When I was 'approved' it came pretty quickly(maybe 2 days max) because I was referred by a member.
    Sadly, it seems I cannot view the meat of the forums here because me lurker post count is so low. le cry
  14. urgaffel

    urgaffel Industry Legend One Of Us

    Post count has nothing to do with how much of the forums you can see. Either you're in or you're not ;)


    Your status says "Not From Round Here" so you haven't been approved yet.
  15. Sulphide

    Sulphide Lurker One Of Us

    Weird, last year I was able to access all the forums during the Tim Langdell fiasco but it seems I am not able to now.
  16. m_hael

    m_hael Professional Coffee Drinker One Of Us

    he's not wrong... someone must have downgraded the account...
  17. trave

    trave Muppet One Of Us

    Looks like some kind soul has re-approved you: you're One of Us again, now.
  18. shadowcode

    shadowcode Is this what you want? One Of Us

    I suppose pestering two co-workers would be a bit too much.
    Maybe next week :)
  19. Bastille

    Bastille Advanced Troll One Of Us

    Pestered and got a couple of guys to vouch for me - no word yet though :\
  20. inpHilltr8r

    inpHilltr8r Will Wright One Of Us

    Not received any PMs here. I usually deal with vouches within a day or so, but they have to PM me.