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Women may write better code, study finds

Discussion in 'General Gossip, Troll Wars & Game Development' started by Nobody, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Nobody

    Nobody Games programmer no more :( One Of Us

    Women may write better code, study finds

    Computer code written by women has a higher approval rating than that written by men - but only if their gender is not identifiable, new research suggests.

    The US researchers analysed nearly 1.4 million users of the open source program-sharing service Github.
    They found that pull requests - or suggested code changes - made on the service by women were more likely to be accepted than those by men.

    Source BBC News

  2. Goffmog

    Goffmog Señor Programmer One Of Us

    Unfair, Women invented both high level languages, and compilers. The game's rigged!
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  3. scorpion

    scorpion 游戏程序员 One Of Us

    I for one welcome our new Coding Overladies.
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  4. Bitterman

    Bitterman Not From Round Here One Of Us

    I know this is a serious subject and not to make light of it or anything, but I thought the film "Lovelace" was about Ada Lovelace, one of the pioneers of computing, if not indeed the founding mother of software (as mentioned in that BBC article).

    Suffice to say, the film didn't pan out the way I expected.
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  5. Xajin

    Xajin Codebastard One Of Us

    Why is this in the public area?

    Is this Anita trolling for a public discussion or something...
  6. Xajin

    Xajin Codebastard One Of Us

    Maybe they just wrote better descriptions of what their code did rather than terse cryptic code...
  7. Mouseshadow

    Mouseshadow Verbizing weirds language. One Of Us

    Further news: Men try to think up alternative explanation.
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  8. Goffmog

    Goffmog Señor Programmer One Of Us

    "I-Interesting angle they've taken. Well... She was Lord Byon's daughter I suppose. I'll give it another half an hour but then I'm definitely storming out."
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  9. Goffmog

    Goffmog Señor Programmer One Of Us

    This isn't the forum for trolling and trollbait?
  10. kathyhellen

    kathyhellen Lurker Not From Round Here

    That is unfair.
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