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[Paid job] Art Director / Fuero games / Warsaw

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  1. Fuero games

    Fuero games Lurker Not From Round Here

    Fuero Games – game studio specializing in crossplatform (web & mobile) games is looking for Art Director to our Warsaw studio.

    The Art Director role requires you to ignite others both as a leader and as an artist. As an artist, you will help define the look of new characters, environments, and architecture in a unique and conhesive style. In addition to channeling the visual direction to the art team, the role will act as one of the key communications conduits for design and programming.

    - Establish style and implement vision of the games; character, environment, logo, user interface design.
    - Create concept paintings, models, textures, and other benchmark assets.
    - A proven ability to visually solve problems in collaboration with the broader game team including other artists, art leads, and design leads.
    - Partner with production to own and define assigned aspects of the project as directed and to ensure schedules and plans meet business and project needs.
    - Excellent ability to art direct multiple art disciplines.
    - Ensure the quality follow-up in the production process.
    - Maintain effective communication with supervisors, team artists and other departments within the company to manage expectations and results, and ensure all project targets are met or exceeded.
    - Works closely with game design to ensure art enhances the player experience.

    - A minimum of 5 years’ experience crafting video game art.
    - Credited as Art Director/Lead Concept Artist in at least 1 shipped project.
    - Strong, proven knowledge and skills in fonts, graphic design principles, user interface function and design (tailored for social / casual games – clean, simple, fresh and readable art assets).
    - Ability to carry an idea from the conceptual phase to the finished product, not afraid of making a lot of tries and iterations.
    - Superior eye for light, value, composition, color, staging.
    - Proficient level on both a creative point of view and on a technical one.

    - Very competitive salary scale + benefits package.
    - Flexible work hours to provide a healthy work/life balance.
    - Highly interesting challenges as a team player and a team leader.
    - But most of all, we guarantee you’ll enjoy our atmosphere and working environment.


    Please send your CV along with information about your experience to: jobs@fuerogames.com with the tag "[Art Director]" in the title.