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What went wrong ?

Discussion in 'General Gossip, Troll Wars & Game Development' started by morgolock, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. morgolock

    morgolock Troll One Of Us

  2. allan175

    allan175 Industry Legend One Of Us

    Not sure what's being asked?
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  3. trave

    trave Muppet One Of Us

  4. ba-chan

    ba-chan Gaming God One Of Us

    Guy wanted to pop around town, but decided to get on a big ass motorbike instead of his easy/convenient scooter?
  5. Goffmog

    Goffmog Señor Programmer One Of Us

    Looking at that webpage I beleive the answer is UX design
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  6. Arend101

    Arend101 Post-It™ Printer One Of Us

    Blue jeans are not, and never have been, suitable wear for motorcycle riding. The operator should be wearing proper safety gear that doesn't turn into a mass of wound-embedded fibres the second it touches the incredibly abrasive road surface.
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  7. dml

    dml Gamer One Of Us

    Once saw a woman in a bikini and no helmet riding 60mph on the back of a motorbike on a freeway in Los Angeles. If she'd fallen off... shudder.
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  8. Base13

    Base13 Industry Unprofessional One Of Us

    I think it is someone asking which way they should indulge their mid-life crisis. Follow youthful trend or be more traditional and get a bike that only exists for the ailment.
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  9. Mouseshadow

    Mouseshadow Verbizing weirds language. One Of Us

    That means we can't die for the next three years, right?
  10. Goffmog

    Goffmog Señor Programmer One Of Us

    Oh it now seems to have more text. So, I think what went wrong here is that the person who made the page became deeply confused at some point in their life about the significance of other people's transport/hobby preferences and the nature of maturity/masculinity.
  11. allan175

    allan175 Industry Legend One Of Us

    Yes, obviously trying to convince himself he's not an idiot for buying a big motorbike he didn't need. Made him feel like a "man" when he bought it.

    Oddly, I didn't need a stupidly big bike to feel masculine!
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  12. DoomBot

    DoomBot Zammo One Of Us

    Clearly has a tiny penis.

    /maturity fail
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  13. Godzilla

    Godzilla Industry Vetran One Of Us

    I also don’t get this idea that people who use scooters are somehow childish. Don’t use one personally but it’s just another form of transport. Shrug.
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  14. Chigley

    Chigley All hail The Giant Space Monster! One Of Us

    Guy on scooter: CEO of a small startup making electronic ice-cream cones, family man, paying down his mortgage, breeds fighting pigeons, runs a secret fight club at weekends.

    Guy on motorbike: Married to Michael, owns 2 Chihuahuas named Trixie-belle and Consuela, has a YouTube channel unboxing Disney porcelain figurines, enjoys long walks on the beach.

    You really can't tell what someone is like by what they get around on.
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  15. IFW

    IFW https://www.patreon.com/IFW One Of Us

    Well I half expected it to link to a shaving politics blog
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  16. TheDMan

    TheDMan Industry Vetran One Of Us

    I once saw a similarly (un) dressed man riding a motorbike, but wearing a helmet. I thought "why bother?"
  17. revenge of c64

    revenge of c64 Grabthar's hammer One Of Us

    It's the mods vs rockers all over again!
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