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Riders of Asgard - Steam Store Live...

Discussion in 'General Gossip, Troll Wars & Game Development' started by NovoGeek, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. NovoGeek

    NovoGeek Gamer One Of Us


    I am happy to announce that the Steam Store for Riders of Asgard is now live and can be viewed here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/552370

    The demo build has been submitted to Steam for approval and we are planning on releasing the demo on the 23rd January 2017.

    The final build of the game is planned to be released on the 31st march 2017 at a R 219.00 (which is $19.99 or £14.99 or 19,99€) price point. We will do a launch discount of 15%.

    So it is full systems go for Riders of Asgard and it has been one hell of a learning experience so far. Our other projects are now being planned and we have a couple of artists doing some prototypes for us, but our main focus now is the end goal and the final release on Steam.

    The final version will contain the following extra features over the Demo:
    - 10 levels to play (Demo currently has 3).
    - More unlocks for your characters so you can make your character your own.
    - 30 achievements with more to come as we progress.
    - Steam Online Multiplayer with Lobby.
    - Steam VOIP while in-game.

    We are also hoping there will be time to do at least two more characters, but these are not priority and will be added in on a future update. The goal for Riders of Asgard has always been to make a game we enjoy playing, get to grips with the whole Steam thing, and learn from the experience ... if we manage to make some money in the process than that is a bonus.

    Thanks for all the feedback we received and all the help provided, we are always eager for more feedback and so feel free to download the demo when it is available and join us on the community hub: http://steamcommunity.com/app/552370
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  2. NovoGeek

    NovoGeek Gamer One Of Us

    So unfortunately I released this same post on a site I would like to call "Banana Republic Developers" and to protect the guilty I am not going to release the site details ... suffice to say they are a bunch of developers in South Africa who think they understand the industry.

    All of them are saying that the game is not worth R219.00 (which is $19.99 or £14.99 or 19,99€). So my question to all of you who actually know a thing or two, do you think the price point is too high?

    I value all of your opinions much more than theirs and if you say my price point is too high, I will definitely reduce it. Please can you provide more information on why you say that and what you think the price point should be.
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  3. Spud

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    Viking BMX. Who could say no?
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  4. CaptainFuture

    CaptainFuture Man of Tomorrow One Of Us

    No, IMHO it looks OK for Europe/UK/US markets. I found it interesting to compare our price for the different regions: https://steamdb.info/app/360830/
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  5. scorpion

    scorpion 游戏程序员 One Of Us

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  6. NovoGeek

    NovoGeek Gamer One Of Us

    I was waiting for this one ... yeah Trials Fusion is that price by Riders of Asgard has a couple of game mechanics that make it completely different to Trials Fusion which include but are not limited to lane transition ... backwards and forwards as well as up and done ... there is also no end to our levels and therefore we rely heavily on the various game modes: Survival, Challenge, and Score.

    So based on these as well as extra features, we felt that it warranted the extra value ... we may be wrong here and hence me posting here and trying to explain my rationale. The good thing is that we are not relying on this game to be profitable, this game was intended as a learning experience and one of these lessons is how do you price your game and whether you can justify it or not.
  7. scorpion

    scorpion 游戏程序员 One Of Us

    The reason I took that as an example is because that's (one of?) the most popular examples of this type of game, and probably the one that most people are going to compare it to.
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  8. MrCranky

    MrCranky Bitter and Twisted One Of Us

    I'd bet the people moaning in SA moaned about that game as well.
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  9. scorpion

    scorpion 游戏程序员 One Of Us

    The game looks great, I love to do this multiplayer, since that's something I thought the latest Trials had, but actually didn't...
    The depth switching and two way direction are cool features.
    Does it have leader-boards? That's the main selling point for me for this kind of game, always trying to one-up my friends.

    The price (UK) seems right to me personally. (It's the price I expected Pit People to be).
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  10. NovoGeek

    NovoGeek Gamer One Of Us

    The game definitely has leader boards ... it has a custom leader board system that I built due to the game modes we have ... you can see some screenshots here: https://www.facebook.com/306232083057875/photos/?tab=album&album_id=345223809158702 and here: https://www.facebook.com/306232083057875/photos/?tab=album&album_id=352223208458762

    We have local split-screen multi-player currently available in the demo and the final version will include Online and Lan Multiplayer through Steam.
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  11. Arend101

    Arend101 Post-It™ Printer One Of Us

    I think the $20 price point is a good one. It's cheap enough that it can be considered an impulse buy but not so cheap that a player won't try to invest some time getting to grips with it. My admittedly amateurish opinion is that the cheaper you make your title the more compelling and immediate you have to make the game's hook, otherwise a lot of players will just go 'meh' and toss it aside because they didn't spend that much on it.
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  12. NovoGeek

    NovoGeek Gamer One Of Us

    Just an added note that the Demo is now available through the Steam store ... so feel free to take the game for a spin if you want. 8-}
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  13. Ethereal

    Ethereal Unfriendly Ghost One Of Us

    Pricing is really tricky to get right and no matter what you do, someone will complain. Personally, my gut reaction is $14.99 but there's a case for going with $19.99 and discounting from there. You can always drop the price but you can't put it up! You have a robust feature set with full online multiplayer but on the other hand, at $19.99 you're at the same price as games like Rocket League. It's likely that a lot of potential purchasers will already own Trials and be looking for a new take on the same genre, so I don't see reviewers saying "you can get Trials for the same money with more content/fancier graphics" being a problem (and what do reviews matter these days...)

    I see you're tagged with Sports and Indie on Steam so I looked at this list for reference: http://steamspy.com/tag/sports/indie
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  14. NovoGeek

    NovoGeek Gamer One Of Us

    @Ethereal: Thank you for the information and the insight, I see your point of view and my gut also says that maybe we should be priced at $14.99 as well. As you said, it is such a tricky thing to do and I have been flip-flopping between $19.99 and $14.99 for a few weeks now.

    I am going to have a discussion with the other people involved and make a final call.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed and provided the incredible feedback ... you are all super-stars. *tips hat*

    EDIT: I have just discussed the matter with the other people involved and we have decided to go ahead with the $14.99 price point instead of the $19.99. I feel more at ease now with this price point. Thanks again.
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  15. NovoGeek

    NovoGeek Gamer One Of Us

    So we are 7 days from release (or 6 days depending on what side of the pond you are on) and I wanted to share our new trailer.

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  16. NovoGeek

    NovoGeek Gamer One Of Us

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  17. NovoGeek

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