Pitching Ideas from outside the industry.

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    I just want to add that Plague Inc was created on a US$5,000 budget by James Vaughan.
    All indications point to James mainly being an idea person.

    I dunno if this level of success can be replicated but it's still inspiring!
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    Early on in mobile there was a student who had created a pandemic mobile version and released it after he got out of school, it caught fire for a bit but if I remember correctly the first Apple sale happened and his game got buried for a bit, then after the sale Plague Inc came out copying his game verbatim and the rest is history, it has to be one of the longest charting games of all time on the mobile charts.
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    My brother occasionally comes to me with "I have an amazing game idea that's going to make millions" and starts boring me with some tedious, badly explained unfinished gameplay mechanics and kind of expects my eyes to light up and get all excited about it and want to design it for him.

    It's usually along the lines of "like game X but with Y".

    He also occasionally pitches me movie ideas. One was about zombies with a guy who has a shotgun that's also an axe.

    My brother now rents a room in my house, so I get these much more often now.

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    1. Design your game.
    2. Implement the design for your game by yourself until it is fully playable.
    3. Still have trouble selling to publisher.
    4. Polish your game while wondering why you bother.
    5. Eventually sell to skeevy publisher with offices above a hair dresser.
    6. Not see any profit.
    7. Observe someone vaguely associated with publisher that you have never met take credit for your work.
    8. Argue with girlfriend.

    You have all this to look forward to (although the advice about using Unity and kit-bashing is very good.) Don't expect to make any money and you will find it very rewarding.
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