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Brigador dev breaks down costs of development

Discussion in 'General Gossip, Troll Wars & Game Development' started by clarkwgriswoldx, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. clarkwgriswoldx

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  2. Bitterman

    Bitterman Not From Round Here One Of Us

    Seems a pretty reasonable response.
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  3. Scotcher

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    I dunno. I can sympathise, and the underlying point is valid, but it could have been expressed better. How hard or how long something took to make isn't really a factor in how much value the end product has to a consumer.

    It would have read better if the last paragraph had said something like "we had to find the balance between price and projected sales that would maximise our chances of breaking even and being able to develop a sequel, and we believe $20 is the sweet-spot" rather than "we worked really hard so it's definitely worth $20".
  4. edmundmk

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    There's constant downward pressure on pricing on app stores, but I don't want a market where the only feasible pricing model is free-to-play. I think some people are still willing to pay for quality, but I guess it's hard to hold onto a 'premium' price point when you're up against a tidal wave of lowball churn.

    Good on this developer for addressing the issue. I thought their post and their explanations were spot on.

    I guess this is capitalism in microcosm - but games are media, similar to films or music, rather than commodities. It would be a shame if quality products end up outcompeted by budget knock-offs.